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Facebook Marketplace and Shops will be one of the most prominent marketplaces in the year to come. It leverages the social media and daily communications platform system to reach the biggest targeted audience in the world. With a constantly growing and roughly 2.93 billion users worldwide, Facebook aims to become the center-point of all online retail within the years to come. And now you have the experience of starting among the first conquistadors.

We work with a team of experts to ensure you a completely down-for-you retail management service, from establishing your company and utilizing funding to running your logistics and inventory to maximize profit gains. All this is for you to become respective eCommerce sellers and enrich the AWM family —our community and client portfolio.


Fast-Paced Setup

Facebook is the easiest and most convenient marketplace platform where we can launch fairly automatised stores within just weeks..

Transparent Daily Payouts and Low Upfront Investment

Leveraging one of the biggest platforms worldwide? You can start it even with a fairly limited amount of capital and credit. With our Full-Spectrum Facebook Management Service, we ensure cashing you out on a daily basis and a promising future as a technology investor.

Branding & Qualification

Scaling is a soft spot considering almost eCommerce marketplaces. While Facebook also demands a deliberate increase in sales, the progress is way more scenic and slick than on any other platform. You can earn sustainable and mouth-watering results only within months of running a Facebook store.

Smart ROI & Store Management

When opting for a Walmart store, you can never be too conscious on your listing and ROI-specific items. We have no smaller aim than winning you the buy box with a product selection that is based on market trend and historic data derived from our research.

How It

Let us run you through our AWM process.

Step 1


After you book a call and decide to invest in a store, we walk you through our roadmap and initiate all the preliminary steps to ensure your business establishment, communication channels, and IT support.

Step 2

IT Management & Product Scraping

After the initial onboarding, we ensure all the IT infrastructure to support the complex logistics of your Facebook Dropshipping store. We also start to look for manufacturers and high-selling products that show a crazy uptrend and have social media appearance.

Step 3

Data Analysis

Through our custom-developed retail management software, we use machine-learning technology to improve your sales further and update you on your store performance metrics.

Step 4

Research & Development

We continue analyzing market trends to secure data-driven decisions to maximize your ROI. In addition, our experts strive to fine-tune your distribution channels so that you become a prominent seller with a remarkable sales history.


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AWM is your helping hand and street throughout your journey as an eCommerce seller. We onboard, educate and consult you based on your need and update you on all the operation specifics and backend to guarantee transparency

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Store Perfomance Optimization
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