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Walmart eCommerce Management

Take advantage of an exciting opportunity to leverage a promising and rapidly-growing online platform that boasts millions of potential buyers and relatively low competition among third-party sellers.

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Maximize Profits on
Walmart Marketplace

Our expertise in Walmart management has been a cornerstone of our business since its inception. As the largest and most profitable online retail infrastructure in the eCommerce space, Walmart Marketplace represents a significant opportunity for businesses seeking to maximize their potential in emerging markets.

Our team of experts provides a comprehensive retail management service, including company establishment, funding utilization, logistics and inventory management, and profit maximization. Our aim is to help you become a successful eCommerce investor and a valued member of the AWM community and client portfolio.

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Core Focus

Legal Framework

Our top priority is to help you establish a favorable company structure and build credibility, allowing you to become a trusted seller in the ecommerce industry.

Funding support

We consult with credit experts to customize a liquid capital and credit system that ensures consistent cashflow for your business, prioritizing financial stability and tailored solutions that meet your unique needs in the ecommerce industry.

Branding & Qualification

Navigating Walmart's rigorous application process can be challenging for sellers. Our team of experts can help ensure your full approval to Walmart's prestigious marketplace by creating a robust seller portfolio, building a positive seller history with customer reviews, and optimizing your LLC's branding to meet Walmart's standards.

Smart ROI and Store Management

Optimizing your product listing and ROI is critical for success on Walmart, and our aim is to help you win the buy box by utilizing market trends and historical data from our research to guide your product selection.

How It

Prior e-commerce selling experience is a prerequisite for accessing our Walmart services. Once we have confirmed your eligibility, we can proceed with providing an overview of our AWM process.

Step 1
Streamlined Approval and Optimization

After you've booked an appointment with us, we'll conduct a Growth Call where we'll discuss the options and opportunities available to you on Walmart. If you meet the requirements to sell on their Marketplace, we'll commence a Branding & Social Proof Enhancement on your eCommerce store alongside the legal and IT processes to guarantee your approval.

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Step 2
Inventory Management and Customer Satisfaction

Your preferred fulfillment and service package is just the beginning. We take care of the rest by preparing your inventory, securing retail partnerships, and providing guidance with listing and logistics to ensure a seamless process from start to finish.

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Step 3
Data Analysis

We have designed a customized retail management software that leverages machine learning technology to enhance your sales performance and keep you up-to-date on your store's performance metrics.

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Step 4
Research and Development

We take a data-driven approach to analyze market trends that inform our decision-making to maximize your ROI. Additionally, our experts focus on fine-tuning your distribution channels to establish you as a top seller with a remarkable sales track record.

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What We Do
For You

AWM is your helping hand and street throughout your journey as an eCommerce seller. We onboard, educate and consult you based on your need and update you on all the operation specifics and backend to guarantee transparency

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Walmart Approval

Tax Exemption

Business Funding

Back-End Store Establishment

Order Management

Inventory Management

Store Perfomance Optimization

Growth Coaching

Branding Portfolio

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