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With over six years of prowess in eCommerce, we excel at offering individual entrepreneurs’ and agencies’ tailored investment consultancy alongside premium service solutions. Our mission? To empower you to secure financial prosperity and thrive in the online retail landscape.


Empowering Your eCommerce Success

Elevate Your Online Presence

At Automated Wealth Management Holdings, we envision eCommerce as the cornerstone of modern investment.

Our commitment extends beyond fostering profitable online ventures; it's about unlocking avenues for passive income and navigating the ever-evolving market dynamics to safeguard against inflation.

Focusing on tech-driven enterprises, we deliver various services to revolutionize online retail for SMEs and wholesalers alike. We’re your ally, from business credit establishment to seamless integration on major eCommerce platforms.

Our Expertise

Tailored eCommerce Solutions

We're not just any eCommerce management agency but your gateway to online entrepreneurial excellence. We offer bespoke assistance, including exclusive white-label and agency solutions, and cater to diverse business needs across the US.

Partner with us to leverage cutting-edge strategies on platforms like Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, Etsy, and TikTok Shops, ensuring a reliable cash flow and maximizing returns. Our support extends to affiliates, providing consultancy and automation insights to refine their operations.

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Our leadership team is dedicated to pioneering customer-centric solutions.

Milos Safranek Founder & CEO

Milos Safranek

Founder & CEO

Theo Barany COO

Theo Barany


Krisztian Fejes CTO

Krisztian Fejes


Domonkos Varga CMO

Domonkos Varga


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Our Story

Tailored eCommerce Solutions

Tailored eCommerce


Founded in 2018, Automated Wealth Management Holdings embarked on a mission to redefine online retail scaling and business automation, filling a gap for agencies adept in automated system provisioning.

As eCommerce veterans, we bring proven strategies and an operational model designed for your success.

The digital surge during the recent global pandemic highlighted the robust potential of the eCommerce sector, making omnichannel more vital than ever. Investing in eCommerce with us means choosing a path of steady returns and sustainable growth.

Embark on this technological investment journey with us; let's achieve eCommerce mastery together. Our dedicated team ensures you have all the tools and guidance needed for a flourishing online retail portfolio.

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