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Etsy has emerged as one of the premier platforms for unique and handmade items, carving a significant niche in the online retail world. What sets it apart? Its dedication to showcasing artisans, vintage sellers, and craft enthusiasts. With millions of active buyers and sellers, Etsy automation has become the go-to investment who want to sell unique, handcrafted goods. Embrace this opportunity and be among the pioneers in this crafted marketplace.

We work with a dedicated team of experts to offer you a comprehensive eCommerce management service. From setting up your Etsy automation service and leveraging funding to managing your logistics and inventory, we've got you covered through your entire journey of running an Etsy store.

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Fast-Paced Setup

Transparent Bi-Weekly Payout

Branding & Qualification

Smart ROI & Store Management

How It

Step 1

After you booked a call and decided to invest in a store, we walk you through our roadmap and initiate all the introductory steps to ensure your business establishment, communication channels and IT support.

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Step 2
Product Procurement and Store Launch

After the initial onboarding, we ensure to integrate your store into our wholesale logistics and finalize both your print-on-demand and private label products. We always work with manufacturers’ of high-selling niche products that show a crazy uptrend on the market.

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Step 3
Data Analysis

Through our custom-developed softwares we use machine-learning technology to further improve your sales and send updates on your store performance metrics.

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Step 4
Research & Development

We continue analyzing market trends to secure data- driven decisions in order to maximize your ROI. Our experts strive to fine-tune your distribution channels so that you become a prominent seller with remarkable performance metrics of yours.

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Testimonial message on Slack or other social media
Testimonial message on Slack or other social media
Testimonial message on Slack or other social media
Testimonial message on Slack or other social media
Testimonial message on Slack or other social media
Testimonial message on Slack or other social media
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AWM is your helping hand and street throughout your journey as an eCommerce seller. We onboard, educate and consult you based on your need and update you on all the operation specifics and backend to guarantee transparency

Onboarding Process

IT System Setup

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Inventory Management

Store Perfomance Optimization

Growth Coaching

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