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This platform is not just about selling; it's about becoming a part of a movement that values the latest trends and innovative shopping formats. By mastering TikTok Shops management, you position your brand at the forefront of this exciting digital marketplace. Our expertise in TikTok Shops management transforms your eCommerce vision into reality. We offer comprehensive services designed specifically for TikTok Shops, covering everything from setup and optimization for enhanced visibility to seamless logistics and inventory management. Our approach ensures that your shop attracts and captivates TikTok's vibrant community, driving engagement and sales.

Elevate Your Online Presence

At Automated Wealth Management Holdings, we envision eCommerce as the cornerstone of modern investment. Our commitment extends beyond fostering profitable online ventures; it's about unlocking avenues for passive income and navigating the ever-evolving market dynamics to safeguard against inflation. Focusing on tech-driven enterprises, we deliver various services to revolutionize online retail for SMEs and wholesalers alike. We’re your ally, from business credit establishment to seamless integration on major eCommerce platforms.

Our Priorities

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First Week Approval

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Innovative Product Research

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Brand Scaling Strategy

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Smart ROI & Store Management

How It

Our leadership team is dedicated to pioneering customer-centric solutions.

Step 1

TikTok Shops onboarding usually takes a week from finalizing our partnership opportunities. We quickly validate or help create your tailor-fit business to start your seller journey as soon as possible.

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Step 2
Product Procurement and Store Launch

Next up, we find your first product selection that resembles a WOW factor and room for brand development. AWM offers an entry to suppliers with the latest trending niche products that outperform competitors thanks to our proprietary procurement operations.

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Step 3
Data Analysis

We use AI tools and the latest ML software to analyze your store performance and enhance your sales further. We use this to improve your sourcing strategy and overall profitability on your TikTok Shop.

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Step 4
Research and Development

We continue analyzing market trends to secure data-driven decisions to maximize your ROI. Our experts strive to fine-tune your distribution channels so that you become a prominent seller with remarkable performance metrics.

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What We Do
For You

AWM is your helping hand and street throughout your journey as an eCommerce seller. We onboard, educate and consult you based on your need and update you on all the operation specifics and backend to guarantee transparency

TikTok Approval

Tax Exemption

Business Funding

Back-End Store Establishment

Order Management

Inventory Management

Store Perfomance Optimization

Growth Coaching

Branding Portfolio

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Our leadership team is dedicated to pioneering customer-centric solutions.

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