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Automate And Increase E-commerce Sales With Our Solutions

Increase your e-commerce sales with our solutions. Automate processes & increase sales on platforms like Amazon & Walmart. Contact us to learn more.

Automate And Increase E-commerce Sales With Our Solutions
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Did you know that there are around 150,000 sellers on Walmart and over 2 million sellers on Amazon? As a new seller, you might be wondering how you can get more sales on these platforms in such a competitive environment.

Tips to Boost Your Sales with eCommerce Automation

Here are some of the ways online sellers can leverage automation to improve their sales and revenue:

1. Retarget customers who abandon their cart

According to Baymard Institute, the average eCommerce cart abandonment rate is almost 70%. There could be several reasons behind cart abandonment, such as unanticipated costs, delivery issues, fears about payment security, or maybe a confusing checkout.


Source: Baymard

eCommerce automation allows you to get in touch with consumers who add products to their cart but abandon your site without actually purchasing anything. Irrespective of the reason, you can send them automated messages to remind them to return to their cart and finish making their purchase.

While you may not be able to convert all of your lost customers, you can certainly make more sales this way. You can use eCommerce automation to send a number of reminder emails, and if a customer makes a purchase, you can send a thank you email.

2. Build a referral program

Having a referral program isn’t just a great way to reward your loyal customers, but it also helps you leverage social proof. What could be better than having your happy customers help you make sales? According to statistics, 88% of customers trust online user reviews as much as personal recommendations. Whereas, 82% of consumers say they seek recommendations from family and friends before buying anything.

Using referral program automation, you can motivate your existing customers to spread the word about your business by offering benefits to them, such as discounts or rewards. For instance, you can send customers a referral email whenever they make a purchase. This can include an offer for them to earn a discount for every referral they make to a friend.

3. Up-sell or cross-sell your products

Another area where eCommerce automation can help you increase your sales is through up-selling or cross-selling. You can offer better and more expensive versions of the products your visitors are already considering. Likewise, you can offer complementary products to the ones your visitors are already purchasing.

A great way to encourage quick action is to add urgency. You can do so by mentioning that up-sell or cross-sell offers are available for a limited time only. By automating this process, your messages can appear based on particular factors such as when a customer is browsing a certain product category or page. Additionally, you can offer discounted or free shipping.


Source: Freepik

Why Work with an eCommerce Management Service?

While it may seem like an exciting idea to manage and automate your eCommerce store on your own, the reality is that it involves a tremendous amount of work. Plus, if you are operating with a limited budget, you don’t have much room for mistakes.

A professional eCommerce management service like AWM is experienced in handling all your day-to-day eCommerce operations. They have a trained team, cutting-edge tools and technologies, different payment gateways, and proven eCommerce strategies that can help you make excellent online sales. From automating your emails to designing a high-converting storefront, they are experts in managing end-to-end eCommerce operations, helping you improve the online shopping experience of your customers.

In a nutshell, an eCommerce management service is a valuable and powerful support system that can help your online business grow and scale quickly. They ensure your online store keeps running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Outsource Your eCommerce Automation to AWM

Having an experienced and skilled partner by your side not only provides you with a more seasoned approach and better logistics but also offers a stress-free way to improve your sales without having to do any manual work at all.

No matter what marketplace you choose, you just can’t rely on heavy marketing to make sales. Several other factors also matter, such as listing optimization, PPC, tracking metrics, and more. So it’s best to work with an expert like AWM that specializes in eCommerce automation.

We empower individuals just like you to own a profitable eCommerce business on renowned marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. You can successfully manage orders from multiple sales channels and from multiple fulfillment points. Get in touch to know more about our e commerce management agency how we can help you increase sales and automate your online store.