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Top 12 Questions For Automated Professional Money Management | AWM

Insights from AWM founders on automated wealth management versus active strategies.

Top 12 Questions For Automated Professional Money Management | AWM
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We recently interviewed Milos Safranek (CEO), Theo Barany (COO), Krisztián Fejes (CTO), and Domonkos Varga (CMO) – four key people behind AWM. We asked them business questions, how they started AWM, and how they survived the challenges in the eCommerce landscape. So, if you enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit, keep reading to learn more about what it takes to launch a business.

1. What was the main motivation behind AWM? How did you establish an eCommerce agency?


It all came from a desire to grow into something big, stable, and significant. I had huge success in 2018-2020 in eCommerce scaling and selling brands. I wanted to create a powerhouse system where I could replicate results repeatedly without significant complications for myself and others.

Also, I wanted to involve my friends and partners in a venture where we can create an additional source of income for ourselves and our families, so they don’t have to worry about financial hardships.

I realized that to do that; I need to switch from the platform Shopify and brand building to selling on giant mediums such as Amazon and Walmart and focusing on trending products and evergreen demand. This has opened the gates for my team and me to create a replicable system that we can implement across hundreds of accounts.

In the last two years, we have perfected this system and have generated massive income for all our clients.


Source: AWM

2. What separates you from competitors on the market, i.e., Amazon automation or 3PL?


Unlike other eCommerce agencies offering services such as Amazon or Walmart automation, we believe in diversity. We learned from our years of experience working as a white-labeled partner in operations for one of the leading eCommerce companies on the market.

We discovered that the area where everyone fails is being too reliant on single marketplaces and offering either Amazon or Walmart-specific third-party logistics and management solutions. This comes with a high risk of being dependent on one source of income —while it’s never impossible to create a diverse investment portfolio, just like with stocks.

After learning all the ins and outs of operating on Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook marketplace, we realized that we could immediately set up three (or more) streams of income for our clients by combining these platforms and scaling up stores on all of them. This makes us one of the market’s most unique and considerate agencies.

3. How do you see the current state of the market? For example, will an upcoming recession affect the presence of eCommerce?


First of all, I want to clarify how I view the current downturn as an entrepreneur. A recession almost always affects you badly if you are an employee. Also, a recession negatively impacts big corporations and giants who are too big to pivot and change. That’s why it simultaneously creates a staggering opportunity for small and middle-size businesses, especially online companies and businesses always looking to take advantage and evolve.

People would say during a recession that, where the market is plummeting, there will be less demand, smaller profit margins, and an overall excess in supply. However, in reality, suppliers, brand owners, and manufacturers are way more agile in adapting to consumer needs during a recession. We also developed a strategy where our investors get access to an exclusive product selection that we can sell during and after a recession.

This is just one side of the coin. During a recession, people still need to utilize home supplies, clean, and take personal care seriously. Similar to the 1970s stagflation era that strengthened some areas of the retail market —we are prepared to turn our client’s portfolio to fit the recession-proof niches and already have a strong presence in this department. Recession is all about positioning, training, and being extremely cold-blooded and, at the same time, reactive while the market changes.
Anyone looking for a stable income and on the edge of pulling the trigger can be assured that here at AWM, a recession is just a factor on which we base our gameplay. It’s not a roadblock, predicament, or issue of any sort.

4. Can you tell me a bit about your operation? For example, what is the general approach towards your employees and clients?


Ultimately, our client's satisfaction is our top priority, besides our success. Therefore, we aim for precision, ease, and transparent communication, leading to prompt troubleshooting, and we spice it with a friendly, easy-to-work-with environment.

Our offer is completely done-for-you, even in the onboarding phase, until we launch all three stores that need the client’s active participation. Our Client Experience team is here to make that part easier with their professionalism.

To go into details regarding our operations, we need to break it down a little. First, we incorporate the client’s company and get all the necessary documents for tax exemption. In the meanwhile, we have already started hunting for the right product line that we can maintain to list sustainably.

As soon as the checklist boxes are ticked for our preparation phase, we start to list the product line. After that, we run a few test rounds, and as soon as we are completely sure (which usually takes about 3-5 weeks) about what we sell, we start to scale the eCommerce store depending on the client’s credit availability.


Source: AWM

5. What service do you offer to a regular investor seeking help?


The answer to this question is very simple. We never had a more successful structure than our Multi-Channel Diversified Solution. This system is so successful because it combines the quick profit-generating model of dropshipping with the long-term model of wholesale and FBA. In our strategy, we also leverage multiple eCommerce platforms for success.

A diversified approach generates stable profits and grows month after month. It also creates an appreciating valuable asset that our clients can choose to sell and can do so for up to 30-50x on their monthly profit. This is the only solution we offer for our investors; historically, this has outpaced all of our previous models.

6. Can you highlight one of your favorite marketplaces from all the eCommerce giants?


This platform needs much polishing, but besides Amazon and Walmart Marketplace, my new personal favorite became Facebook, as it’s an emerging marketplace with much potential. For example, to sell on Facebook Marketplace, you don’t even have to have a business —it’s designed for the masses. You can do it as an individual. Besides that, as soon as you are ready to take the next step forward, you can integrate up to five Facebook Shops into your Marketplace.

This means you can start advertising your third-party eCommerce store’s products on Facebook Marketplace for the massive customer base that Facebook offers with its 800+ million Marketplace users for over a million Shops. And AWM could help you become one of the most lucrative stores among those 1 million!

7. What do you mean by the multi-platform approach?


Typical automation businesses are Single Marketplace-Centered and also Single Fulfillment-Centered, but we have a different approach. With us, you never depend on a single platform of the eCommerce marketplace or fulfillment model. We believe that one source of income is deficient and incomplete. Therefore, we are building three passive income streams for our clients within 90 days.

That way, we eliminate the risk of only being on one platform. So, for sure, we set up your Amazon and Walmart Marketplace, alternatively, smaller revenue streams on such platforms as Facebook and Shopify. Then, after creating some results and history, we further expand our market share by enriching the portfolios with other lines of passive income.

8. Is there a revenue goal for your clients? Are there expected returns or a fixed ROI?


That’s a great question. We do not sell ROI or a fixed revenue for our clients; we sell them much more. What our Multi-Channel solution has to offer is truly an industry-disrupting system that is changing lives every day and making people financially free.

Our average clients see from $8k-$15k net profit monthly, and our historical profit margin was 19.4% on the general merchandise revenue of the accounts. We always try to aim for a 20% overall profit margin between all the accounts, but numerous factors influence this.

Our revenue goal is custom-tailored to each of our clients, depending on their financial background, goals, and aspirations. We put a big emphasis on helping clients reach their goals and desired passive income. In our effort, we consult with the client to assess their resources, analyze their credit file for free and help them get access to 0% credit cards that can be used for wholesale stock purchases as well. We help them build their personal and business credit. We also give them access to our 19 private lenders if they ever need any funding.

9. Who chooses your services mostly?


Looking at our sales analysis, we rarely can build a typical persona from our clients. From high-profile investors to residential clients, many people have come across our services. However, they all have one major thing in common: the desire to build generational wealth and the idea of having a stable passive income.

Other than that, we work on a case-by-case basis. We have a highly personal approach toward each client, and we consciously assist them regardless of the amount of their starting capital or general financial situation. From legal manners to credit building and scaling up a viable funding scheme, we can do magic from a $10,000 or a $100,000 cash influx.

10. Is there a limitation on the number of clients you can work with?


Yes, we can only onboard 7-12 clients per month. This is because our average clients get three stores established compared to getting one at all the other agencies. A lot of work goes into setting up our clients for success, and we believe in operating in a way where the clients have to do very minimal work and effort, even when onboarding and setting up the businesses.

We handle everything from establishing our clients' legal structure to integrating them into eCommerce platforms, all the way up to providing them with P/L sheets and sales tax reporting for their account needs.

11. Do you know what the future will bring to AWM?


We see the overall trend in the world and how everyone is getting accustomed to purchasing through eCommerce marketplaces – from everyday goods to groceries and even fresh foods. Right now, around the globe, eCommerce takes up 20% of total spending, and it takes up a significant market share every year.

We see AWM as a lifetime venture that will always evolve and pivot with the challenges of the future. AWM will be a leader in providing eCommerce solutions to companies, high-profile investors, and everyday investors looking for a helping hand to enter this growing giant industry.

We are estimating exponential growth in the next 10 years, and new technology will bring more and more customers from retail stores to online platforms, and we will be at the forefront to serve every new customer.

12. How can someone sign up for your services? What is your streamlined process?


You can sign-up for our services using the following link:

After you fill out your information, one of our salespeople will contact you to discuss further details. Then we start your personalized onboarding process.

First, we introduce you to your exclusive eCommerce specialist and our Customer Success Team. They are ready to help you during the onboarding process or address any questions. Next, we set up your first two accounts on two eCommerce marketplaces. After the setup, we initiate the search engine optimization and start selling on your account.

We hope you learned some important information about us through this discussion. We at AWM believe that tomorrow's entrepreneurship starts with embracing technology-driven ventures.
Get in touch if you’re looking to enter the ever-growing eCommerce industry. Let’s talk!